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This magnetic Dallas key holds a DS1990A+F5 iButton, a plastic holder, and an outer iron ring around the iButton. With this iron ring, the key can be attached to a magnetic iButton reader by magnetic strength.

These magnetic iButtons with outer steel rings are called ‘magnetic iButton’ because they are designed to work on magnetic readers. These keys themselves are not magnetic.

  • Assembly of a DS1990A+F5 iButton, an outer iron ring and a plastic holder (default black).
  • Can stick to magnetic iButton reader and continuously transmit the data
  • 100% compatible with magnetic iButton reader from all vendors
  • Small, durably and easy to care
  • GPS tracking / Driver authorization
  • EPOS system / Cash registers
  • Access control system
Compatible Readers
Diagram of MG1990A Magnetic Dallas Key
Available Fobs' Color
Available Color for MG1990A Magnetic Dallas Key
Technical Data
Model MG1990A
Operating temperature
Min: -30 ºC, Max: +85 ºC
Storage temperature
Min: -40 ºC, Max: +85 ºC
100pcs per bag
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